Who We Are

Once Upon a Time, there was a Coatings Technician worker named Mike, who worked at the headquarters of a Global Coatings Company called Enecon. while Mike was there, he created a group within a group. This group distanced themselves from the rest, not in rebellion, but merely by the quality of their work. These technicians led by Mike, quickly gained a reputation as the preeminent application technicians, who completed projects faster and with a higher attention to detail. These men self-proclaimed themselves as the “A-team,” and lived up to their reputation daily. To merely call these men technicians would be impolite, as they are truly craftsmen who have an infectious passion for this field. Although Mike and the “A-team” excelled, Mike dreamed of one day starting his own Industrial Coatings company. That is why, when the opportunity presented itself, mike moved to Dallas Texas and founded BlackRock Epoxy Application Technicians- The New Standard in Corrosion & Erosion Restoration and Maintenance.

Who We Do

We specialize in applying Advanced Industrial coatings that help restore and protect nearly any Metal or concrete structure or surface from damage or wear, these items include:

Industries and Facilities We Support